WELCOME to the American Martial Arts Alliance

Welcome to the American Martial Arts Alliance.The AMAA offers consultation services to help instructors with the business of running a dojo and hosting successful tournaments.

It also supports the formation of a successful curriculum for any form of martial arts study. Our mission is to spread the ethics and integrity of the martial arts throughout the world.

AMAA Mission Statement

The primary focus of the American Martial Arts Alliance, LLC is to develop discipline, respect, honor, accountability, and leadership through the philosophy of martial arts and to provide services and guidance to foster technical excellence and maintain the highest standards in the martial arts community. Students are encouraged to participate and compete whenever possible to interact and exchange skills with other martial artists. American Martial Arts Alliance, LLC will uphold the integrity, ethics, and spirit of fairness within sports karate, honor and support the unsung heroes of martial arts, and pave the way for future champions.

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Grandmaster & Master Legends American Martial Arts

  • Dana Abbott
  • Charlie Anderson
  • Jeff Blake
  • Danny Boccagno
  • Ty Botting
  • Len Brassard
  • Dennis Brewer
  • Barry A. Broughton
  • Rusty Burke
  • John Bussard
  • Akil Chukwueneka
  • Howard Chung
  • John Crudup
  • Jefferson Davis
  • Don DeVries
  • Michael Dietrich
  • Jose Dimacali
  • Rocki DiRico
  • Gregory Duncan
  • Dewey Earwood
  • Keith Elkins
  • Maurice Elmalem
  • Robert Fletcher
  • Jerry Fontanez
  • John Gill
  • Keith Graham
  • Michael Goldman
  • Dr Robert Goldman
  • Dane S. Harden
  • Juan Harnett
  • Bryant Harrell
  • Rita Hundley Harris
  • Tim Harrison
  • Scott Hartsell
  • Dan Hausel
  • Amy Hawkins
  • George Heath
  • Otis Hooper
  • Christopher Hovey
  • Johnny Hunter
  • Wesley C. Jenkins
  • Ron Jenkins
  • Richard Jenkins
  • Daniel Jolly
  • Robert “Teddy” Jordan
  • Moustafa Khedr
  • John Kreng
  • Apolo Ladra
  • Dongju Lee
  • Yoon Lee
  • Bob Leiker
  • Jarrett Leiker
  • Jean LeGrand
  • Anthony Letourneu
  • Anthony Lingo
  • Anthony Linson
  • William Maier
  • Loui Markstrom
  • Bob Martin
  • CJ Mayo
  • Robert Maxwell
  • Richard Mcclain
  • Robert W. McGee
  • Dr. Mark McCumber
  • Justin McDaniel
  • Darlene McPherson
  • Richard Morris
  • Clarence P. Murray
  • Glen Murray
  • Abisu Nanji
  • Novak Rebecca
  • Mike O’Brien
  • Jerry Otto
  • Hamilton Perkins
  • Carl Piper
  • Donald Plummer
  • Dean Plyes
  • Peter Porter
  • Dr William A. Rankin, PhD.
  • Freddie Relevante
  • George Reynolds
  • Neil Ripski
  • Wetmore Robert
  • Randy Robinson
  • James Robinson
  • Ishmel Robles
  • Ruben Rodriguez
  • Stephan Ross
  • Kirby Roy III
  • Odette Russell
  • Kevin Schultz
  • Samuel Scott
  • Jack Shamburger
  • William Shelton
  • Kurt Shyrock
  • Mark Shuey
  • Darrell C. Simms, Sr.
  • Carmichael Simon
  • Ron Smith
  • Clarence Smith
  • Ricky and Randy Smith
  • Darren S. Smith
  • Victor Theriault
  • James Theros
  • Eddie Thomas
  • Herbert Thompson
  • Lloyd Thompson
  • Johnny K. Thompson
  • Richard “Duke” Tirschel
  • Dennis Warren
  • Robert Wetmore
  • Arnold “Zip” White
  • Kenneth White
  • Timothy White
  • Russell Willey
  • Don Willis
  • Keith Zielke
  • Alex Zwak

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2018 AMAA WHO's WHO in the Martial Arts Legend Award Recipients

Have Your Voice Heard Today! Nominate Your Choices NOW: Please fill out and submit the WHO’S WHO In The Martial Arts Publication Nomination Form

The Who’s Who of the The American Martial Arts Alliance welcomes nominations to our publication and database. You know colleagues, martial arts instructors who, through their achievements, academic performance, or occupational position merit inclusion in this highly respected American Martial Arts Alliance Who’s Who.


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Pioneer Legends Award

  • Pat Burleson
  • Leo Fong
  • Dr. Maung Gyi
  • David J. Praim
  • Jhoon Rhee
  • Allen Steen

Lifetime Achievement Legends in the American Martial Arts

  • Walter Anderson
  • Mitchell Bobrow
  • Cezar Borkowski
  • Dr. Len Brassard
  • Dennis Brown
  • Jamie Cashion
  • Tayari Casel
  • Bill Clark
  • Reggie Cochran
  • John Corcoran
  • Joe Corley
  • Al Dacascos
  • Linda Denley
  • Michael DePasquale, Jr.,Soke
  • Mike Dillard
  • George Dillman
  • Karen Eden Gambordella
  • Mark Glazier
  • Stephen K. Hayes
  • Jerome Johnson
  • Glenn Keeney
  • Bernard Kerik
  • Danny Lane
  • Charlie Lee
  • Gary Lee
  • Alfie Lewis
  • Andrew Linick
  • Michael Matsuda
  • Bill McDonald
  • Richard Norton
  • Stephen Oliver
  • Jerry Piddington
  • Simon Rhee
  • Tiger Schulmann
  • Jeff Smith
  • Mike Stone
  • Jim Thomas
  • Keith Vitali
  • Sergio Von Schmeling
  • Bill Viola
  • Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
  • Michael Jai White
  • Don “The Dragon“ Wilson
  • Patrick Wrenn
  • Keith Yates

Champion Legends in the American Martial Arts

  • Erick Alfaro
  • Dan Anderson
  • Malia Bernal
  • David Brock
  • Jim Butin

Champion Legends in the American Martial Arts

  • Glenn Carder
  • Helen Chung Vasiliadis
  • John Chung
  • Michael Coles
  • Nada Conway
  • Kierston Costabile
  • Roger Dabney
  • Montez Dennis
  • Shawn Doyle
  • Paul Dyer
  • Neil Ehrlich
  • Alamo Al Francis
  • Brian Kula Fung
  • Daniel Gimenez
  • Arthur Heller
  • Darrell Henegan
  • Rahni Jenkins
  • Brenda Hund Lee
  • Jerome Johnson
  • Stacey Knight Mejia
  • Chester Miller
  • Chris Minshew
  • George Minshew
  • Jeremy Moore
  • Cynthia Rothrock
  • Sean Smith
  • George Thanos
  • Eddie Thomas
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Pat Worley

Black Belt Legends in the American Martial Arts

  • Sherri Arthur
  • Donald W. Barlow
  • Michael Biorn
  • Eric Caldeira
  • Romeo Cross
  • Kenneth Day
  • Barbara Duffy
  • Jens Finck
  • Constance Funderburk
  • John Gill
  • Elisa Greene
  • Joseph Gutowski
  • Riley Hawkins
  • Rod Hillegass
  • Johnny Hunter
  • Donna Cancila Keating
  • Michele Kennedy
  • Ron Lee
  • Robert Leclerc
  • Andrea McKey
  • Stephan Morris
  • Walt Sapronov
  • Ujjwal Thakuri
  • Jeff Thompson
  • Rudy Timmerman
  • Adrian Turpin
  • Karen Ware
  • Charles "Buddy" Watson
  • Thomas Wright

2018 AMAA Who's Who In The Martial Arts Legends
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How to Add Personal Coaching into Your School

Learn an easy step-by-step formula to kick starting your own highly profitable coaching career in your school and how to automate it!

The AMAA Executive Director and Martial Arts School Owner Donates Over $5000.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project

American Martial Alliance will support the Wounded Warrior Project for the second year. The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services, and events for veteranss wounded in military action.

Karate International of Durham Inc., an AMAA Charter School, owned by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen has been in business for 34 years donating over $3900.00 through kick-a-thons, and other business support.

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How to Add Personal Coaching into Your School

AMAA New Approach - The New AMAA State of the Art Website

As a part of the AMAA's continual education program, the new website will allow members access to cutting-edge technology (e-learn) with online seminars on kata, weapons, self- defense, jujutsu, and tele-lecture seminars.

New Online Class Room

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