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By Jessie Bowen

I published my first book in 2006, Get Motivate, the based on a seminar I was teaching on setting and achieving goals.

Publishing a book made me recognized as a seminar presenter.

In 2011 I wrote The New You Self-Discovery System. After reaching the rank of 10th degree black belt I was in seach of a new quest.

After pubishing the book I was offered an opportunity to become a corporate educator for the #1 executive education firm in the world, Duke Corporate Education.

As an educatior I do motivation closing for companies like Raytheon, AMX, and other fortune 500 companies.

From book sale seminars and workshops I've earned thousands of dollars and will continue to earn thousands from future earnings.

I would like to share this with you

How to Grow Your School

Writing Books on Spirituality and Self-Help

Whether you are a martial artist, business owner, or mom, you have the ability, right now, to write and publish a book on a subject that is important to you. Like riding a bicycle, learning how to write a book is a skill that you can master with practice and repetition. According to USA Today, 82% of adults dream of writing a book someday, either to express a heart-felt concern about a subject, or to earn a living, and even become successful.

Many books are written by people who are not particularly good at writing. Instead, they hire a “writer-for-hire” who interviews them, takes notes on their ideas and insights, and then works it into a book which the person goes on to publish under their own name. Many of the bestselling books on the New York Times lists were not written by the person whose name appears on the cover. They were written by other writers.

There are more than 2,000,000 books published each year and yours can be one of them. The key to writing a book is to “Just Write!” Writing is one thing that you can definitely improve on just by doing it.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life Success Guide

By Jessie Bowen
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Determination and belief are the starting points for success. They open you to new opportunities to do and be anything you desire, and you only need a subconscious thought to plant the seed. How do we do this? The first and most important element of success is to ... open your mind. Change Your Mind Change Your Life is a step-by- step success guide on how to open your mind and plant the seed for success and let the universe do the rest.


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